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Can You Read the Writing on the Wall?

This morning our church had a big worship arts presentation, if you will. Instead of having a sermon, the choir, ensembles, soloists and a drama team presented the message. In lieu of a Christmas program this year, we did this non-seasonal presentation in mid-November. It’s nice to change things up now and then and it takes a little of the Christmas stress off of people. As you might imagine, a morning of this nature is a busy one for the Minister of Worship, and for his wife, who is a member of the choir AND the newly formed drama team. In order to pull this off, we had rehearsal before Sunday School and it was a very early morning for all of us.

I woke the children, got them dressed and gave them toast for breakfast and cups with milk and put them in the car. They are actually much better at mornings than I sometimes am and they greeted this new and different approach to life fairly well. They had eaten some of their breakfast in the car on the way over, but it’s a short drive and they still had food to eat. The 1st through 3rd grade Sunday School room has a TV in it, so I sat them at the table with their breakfast and turned on a 321 Penguins episode. I checked in on them and they were doing fine. I came back in the middle of rehearsal to find that they had finished their breakfast and the movie and so quietly got curious about what was available to the older children. For as many times as I have told them that it is never okay to draw on the walls or the furniture or themselves but only on paper, I came back to discover they had done just that.

I was so mortified I could barely react. I just took them by the hand and brought them to the Worship Center and sat them down just in time to hear Aaron say we were going to rehearse my big skit. Aaron looked at them and saw the marker on their faces and said, “Oh, they found a marker!” I said, “No, they found ALL the markers.” I was shocked and disappointed in them and in myself for leaving them in there. I pulled it together and did our skit. Aaron checked out our children’s attempt at being Michelangelo. He told the choir, “They found the most permanent markers they could find and wrote all over the wall!” and the choir thought it was hilarious. They did a good job of trying to assuage my guilt. Our friend Delissa took care of the children, cleaning the marker off their faces and escorted them to their room, after letting them apologize to the teachers in the room they had redecorated, allowing us to continue to rehearse.

The really ironic part is that the Sunday School lesson the 1st through 3rd graders had this morning was about the time in the Book of Daniel when the finger of God wrote on the wall. One of the students said, “Oh, that’s why the room is decorated that way.” Well… Our phenomenal pastor’s wife, who is one of their Sunday School teachers took it all in stride, even thanking our children for their creative illustration of the lesson. Needless to say there will be some cleaning or even painting in our future.


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Nov. 19th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry. Maybe "Goof Off?"
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