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Now That They’re Talking...

My children have said the darnedest things. This past week there have been some cute stories:

Yesterday when Aaron was home for lunch, Esther put on his shoes and worked very hard to come to the living room where the rest of us were. Later, Ethan found the abandoned shoes and decided to put them on. Now wearing his Dada’s shoes, Ethan announced to me that he was going to church. I asked what he was going to do at church. He said, “Help sick people.” I can’t tell if he wants to grow up and be a doctor, or if he wants to be involved in “spirit healing.”

Yesterday I was making lunch in the kitchen when Esther comes up to me and tells me she’s scared of cars. I was confused and was about to start into a spiel about staying on sidewalks and holding hands while crossing streets and in parking lots when Ethan comes around the corner with a Matchbox car in each hand. Suddenly this seeming non sequitur makes sense. Ethan is pointing the nose of each car menacingly and making a hissing noise. I said off-handedly, “Well, princess, I guess you’d better run.” She dutifully took off running while Ethan’s cars hissed around the house. Any time she would stop running, or he would catch up for whatever reason, Ethan would say to her, “Princess, you’d better run.” When relating this story to Dada later, Ethan corrected me and said that the cars didn’t hiss, they shushed. Quite why cars shush, I’m sure I don’t know, but there it is.

This morning I took the kids out and about to get some things done. The first thing we did was go to McDonalds to play. The kids were still playing, but I knew the Cool Cuts was now open, so after they had both gone down the slide I asked if they wanted to go get Ethan’s haircut, play with the trains and watch a movie. You would think that they would say no, and want to stay and play. It is a tribute to the Cool Cuts that they were eager to go. As I was putting on his shoes, Ethan assured me, “I don’t get scared of my haircut.” And sure enough, he was very brave and didn’t even cringe from the clippers. The not-quite-two-year-old next to him wasn’t quite as brave.

As we were driving in the car and Ethan told me there was a fire in Bolt. If you have seen the film you know that the climax of the movie revolves around a fire on the set. Ethan has been fascinated with firemen and fire trucks for a while now. We were talking about what the firemen do. I said they use their trucks to spray water on the fire and they use the ladders on their trucks to get to people who are up high and can’t get past the fire. I also said they take people to the hospital if they are hurt. During the course of his hair cut, Ethan pulls out the fire truck he brought from the train table (don’t ask me) and the lady cutting his hair mentions it. He tells her that firemen help people who are s___ She looked at me and I asked him, “People who are sick?” and got a non-committal answer. Then I asked, “People who are stuck?” He said, “yes!” And you wonder if they even listen...


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Sep. 17th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
always listening!
Oh boy! Grandpa and I just roared reading the latest stories of language development. What bright and loving children!!!
They are growing and changing and we look forward to our next visit!
Gram & Grampa
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