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As The Summer Winds Down...

An apology and some explanation is needed. Mama and Dada have a new hobby/obsession. We've joined facebook. Please believe me when I tell you that we didn't mean to. It wasn't until the 1000th invitation from friends that we finally succumbed. If you wish to know in general what we're up to, not with particular baby updates or anything, feel free to look either of us up on facebook. (Everybody's doing it) Here's a little update on the "winding down" of summer.

Potty training is in high gear and it's neck and neck. At times, Ethan seems to be able to predict when he will need to use the potty, and at other times, he shows absolutely no interest in sitting on the potty. However, he will only go potty on the big potty. He's not at all interested in the little toddler potty.

Esther is her own individual. She enjoys just sitting on her potty and producing very little. Her only motivation, at this point, is the Mike & Ikes that we give them every time we have a successful potty time.

At mealtime, both twins are sitting on normal chairs, with children's place mats, eating with grownup utensils, but using plastic cups with lids and straws. At the end of most meals we will take their lids off and they will drink the end of their juice/milk out of a cup like normal. It's about a 75% chance of spilling, but it's worth it.

Mama is getting more and more hours of "at-home" work. Dada enjoyed his Singing Men of Texas retreat/rehearsal. We had a lovely house-warming party put on by our church. And next month we will celebrate our 3-year anniversary at South Hills Baptist Church. Dada is looking forward to spending a little more time outside as summer winds down and fall approaches. I also can't wait to finally organize my garage, as it is currently a complete disaster.

Hope to update again soon...


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Aug. 27th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
They need to remake "Video killed the radio star" to "Facebook killed the regular blog." So much easier to do a one or two sentence status update.
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